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Within Temptation - Utopia (feat

Within Temptation - Utopia (feat. Chris Jones)

Welcome to Utopia, a mystical land that my friends and I made up.

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There was once a planet named Earth. Then there were the People. They ravaged the beautiful planet, destroying their resources. Eventually, the strain on the atmosphere was too much and Earth’s protective layer diminished. It drifted too close to the sun, and was consumed, and all life on Earth was destroyed. From the ashes rose a new planet, Armageddon. It was much sturdier, and the right distance from the sun. There was but one continent, a land called Utopia. Many animals that mankind had never seen before evolved on Armageddon. A new race of humans was born. They were smarter, and knew how to take care of the Earth and not to use up all of its resources. They also knew magic, on varying levels. The land was divided up into four kingdoms. The strongest of this new race, who would eventually be know as the Founders, helped shape Utopia. Silverbirch, who was the strongest of all Utopians, chose the most densely wooded land in Utopia. He claimed that dragons lived in the woods. The other founders were skeptical that there were any magical creatures at all in Utopia. They got a big surprise when he came to a meeting riding on a dragon. A rather fierce and agressive female named Laurel claimed the rocky hills of Utopia. She claimed that there was a secret that would give her kingdom a great advantage. Titanicia was the founder of Atlantis. He could breathe underwater and communicate with sea animals. He chose the salty shores of the ocean for his kingdom. Eventually, he built a city at the bottom of the ocean, called the Coral City. The last founder was Graywing, a slight, quiet female who loved the open sky. One day, while she was searching for a place to build her kingdom, a gryphon picked her up and flew into the clouds with her. With the help of Morgana, leader of the Gryphons, she fashioned a kingdom in the clouds. In addition, all of her subjects learned to fly on gryphons and how to kill an enemy from on high. Together these kingdoms formed Utopia.

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